Pricing + Services

Baring Performance Management offers fully customized and personal coaching for endurance athletes.  There are currently 3 different levels of  monthly coaching packages to fit your needs as an athlete. Baring Performance Management also can provide consulting services, personal 8-week training plans, bike fits and local skills coaching upon request. 

one-time consulting fee & 8-week training plan

$200 — If you are interested in a set 8-week training plan for an event or race coming up this plan is for you. Personally tailored to your schedule and peak event. This can include goal setting, season planning, race tactics/nutrition advice, or strength training suggestions. 

Bike Fitting

$75 per hour — Comprehensive, static bike fit beginning with rider's needs assessment and injury history, body measurements off the bike, bike measurements and rider's measurements on the bike. Utilization of motion capture to correctly and accurately measure and adjust fit to meet the needs and biomechanical demands of the rider. 

Monthly coaching package

Undergoing changes for 2019. Check back soon or reach out to

Skills Coaching and Clinics

If you or your team are interested in skills coaching and/or clinics please contact for pricing. Group discounts are available.